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Q:I live on the Central Coast and want to know where I can view the bags in person. You may come on over to Jack's Upholstery located at 523 S Railroad Ave, Santa Maria, California 93458 to have a look at our products!

Q:What can I use a Jaksak bag for? You can use a Jaksak bag for nearly anything! They are versatile, sturdy, and fashionable for use when shopping, groceries, out to the beach, organizing, carrying books, everyday use to carry your posessions, or whatever you can think of to carry in a bag!

Q:Where are they made? Jaksak bags are currently made in Santa Maria California, USA

Q:What are they made from? They are made from various remnant pieces of material from projects such as airplaines, boats, cars, furniture, farm and industrial.

Q:How do Jaksak bags help the environment? Jaksak bags help the environment by utilizing small pieces of materials from various upholstery projects that would have been discarded to create reusable bags.

Q:How do I care for my Jaksak? Jaksak bags can be hand or gentle machine washed. Do not iron or machine dry.

Q:How much weight does a Jaksak Hold? The range of the carrying capicity of a Jaksak depends on the style of the bag that is manufactured. Carrying capacity can range from anywhere between 40-300 lbs.

Q:Are new styles coming out? We are constantly striving to create new styles to keep up with current fashion trends.

Q:Can I design my own bag? Sure, we would love to create out of the ordinary bags such as a bag that can carry water, fire resistant bags, or even an explosion resistant bag! Contact us by e-mail or by phone for more information.

Q:What is your return policy? Jaksak bags may be returned up to 30 days after purchase. Bags that are custom designed by you are an exception to the return policy.

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