In 1979, Jack Plaza had started his upholstery shop known as Jack's Upholstery in Santa Maria, California. Before the opening of Jack's Upholstery, he had worked at home in his garage as a freelance upholsterer also managing aircraft upholstery for Aereo Design.

     Overtime, Jack's upholstery shop had grown in popularity around the central coast and has had award winning upholstery featured in magazines such as HotRod Magazine, VW Magazine, 10-4 Magazine, and many award winners in car shows.

     After years of frequent trips around the central coast, Jack had noticed many things were disappearing from the local environment such as the pismo clams that were in such abundancy at Oceano along the surf, but is now a rare find. In 2008, Jack felt it was time to act to do something for the preservation of the environment around him, thus coming up with the idea of creating reusable, eco friendly, and extremely sturdy bags and named his creations the Jaksak.

     Jack's Upholstery has served at for over 30 years and is located at 523 S Railroad Ave, Santa Maria, California 93458

Below are a few examples from his upholstery shop


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